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Strive to resolve issues and thrive by creating innovation

The Art of Friction: 
Tension-Based Innovation

CWE enables series of networks from all stakeholders and experience to create a design, decision and creation ecosystem of multidisciplinary expertise and knowledge to resolve issues and create innovations. To try our methodology download a copy now.

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Striving and Thriving in a Syntropic State

We need to strive and thrive with and within our natural and human environments realising that the natural will always outlast the human. Using a whole systems approach, we can move towards order and symmetrical combinations, designs of evermore advantageous and orderly patterns, and evolutionary collaboration to create wholesome associations.

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Our Current Focus

Is to include all those with experience and expertise in design, we focus on Democratising Design for all and Regenerative Futures for all. Having a Network of Networks allows this to happen.

Democratising Design

Here we look at how to Democratise Design by Designing Disorder, Designing for Resilience and projects that incorporate these ideas and methods. Only Democratising Design can create something likeable by all.

Focus so far:
Inclusive Design

Designing (for) Resilience
Designing Resilient Spaces
Safe Spaces
Psychologically Informed Environments

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Network of Networks

Here we look at how to create new networks and how to create Network of Networks for impact and projects that incorporate these ideas and methods. Only Networks of Networks allow dynamically collaborative inputs. 

Focus so far:
Social Contracts

Collective and Augmented Intelligence
Collective Behaviour and Neuroscience
Participatory Facilitation
Multiverse Innovation

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Regenerative Futures

Here we look at how to create a new model that bridges conventional and current thinking through restorative design and into regenerative design. Only Regenerative Future system thinking allows net positive impacts.

Focus so far:
Regenerative Thinking

Regenerative Leadership
Regenerative Design and Production
Regenerative Economics
Regenerative Enterprise

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Our Cases

Through multi-stakeholder collaborations we create impactful mental health & wellbeing solutions

Psychological and Physical
Safe Spaces

CWE know that our individual experiences and perceptions are different but we also know that our triggers, neuroscience reactions and behaviours are common and transferable.

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Collective and Augmented

Organisations and communities can benefit from collective and augmented intellince when they want to truly create innovative solutions that make use of their varied and unique experiences for a greater good.

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Psychologically Informed Environments

Technology can improve our relationships with our environments by making them symbiotic where we learn to adapt to them but they, in turn, can be optimised to best accomodate our experiences.

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Our team

Our cross-disciplinary expertise makes us able to look at problems in always fresh ways


Service Design


Health & Built Environment


Cognitive Science & Data


Operations & Innovation


Social & Cultural 


Applied Neuroscience 

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