Life Centred Design for
People Place and Planet

A collective bringing citizens into regenerative solutions


How do we develop STEM fields and research practices to be accessible and inclusive to citizens in order to guide their lived experience?


How do we use knowledge of how we affect the environments we inhabit and how they affect us to create psychological and physical safe spaces?


How do we move past goals of sustainability for repairing the planet towards cultures and pratices that lead to regenerative futures?

The Art of Friction: 
Tension-Based Innovation

We view striving as the ability to overcome what is currently in front of you (issuation) and thriving as having the further power and agency to create a better future (ideation). Many individuals, groups, and teams don’t have the ability or practices in place to make it past striving.

When creating a solution, CWE has developed a methodology that enables all stakeholders to create a design, decision and creation ecosystem of multidisciplinary expertise and knowledge to resolve issues short-term and create long-term innovations. To try our methodology download a copy now.

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How We Impact

Projects, Publication, and Partnerships are the three ways we develop solutions:


Projects are at the heart of how we achieve social impact in our work. With experience ranging from construction to neuroscience, education to product design, we provide an inter-disciplinary, cross-cultural approach through action research and community prototypes.

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Whether an academic paper, a guided talk, or citizen-made videos and guides, publication of all shapes and forms are valid depending on the goal of the community. We promote equitable publishing as a way of having a further impact and providing people the tools to have power and agency.

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We believe that partnerships are a crucial way to promote collective intelligence and allow us to solve more complicated problems. Partnership with CWE is a commitment to creating impacts that promote physical and mental resilience through projects, papers, education, and more.

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Some Current Themes

Through multi-stakeholder collaborations we create impactful mental health & wellbeing solutions

Psychological and Physical
Safe Spaces

CWE know that our individual experiences and perceptions are different but we also know that our triggers, neuroscience reactions and behaviours are common and transferable.

Collective and Augmented

Organisations and communities can benefit from collective and augmented intellince when they want to truly create innovative solutions that make use of their varied and unique experiences for a greater good.

Psychologically Informed Environments

Technology can improve our relationships with our environments by making them symbiotic where we learn to adapt to them but they, in turn, can be optimised to best accomodate our experiences.

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